Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let's Post

I was at the fancy new pool/sporting complex in St. Albert not too long ago. Decided to take the little family for a fun day of swimming and general Q-T. My friend and his family tagged along too.

Now, I’m generally a bit of a creep. Let’s just get that out of the way.

Anyway, I enjoy going to the pool. One of the perks of going swimming is the girls. Can someone tell me why it is taboo for a chick to walk around in her bra and panties but it is more than acceptable for them to prance around in a fucking bikini? It is the same shit. In fact in most cases it’s way sexier. So I’m playing Dad and taking my daughter down the water slides and the little river thing they have there. All the while I’ve got my eyeballs spinning every which way checking at all the breasticles that are frolicking in my general vicinity and trying to decipher which ones I was actually allowed to look at. You know? Like is this a 15 year old or an acceptable 18 and up? How the fuck can you tell anymore? What are they feeding these girls? There are girls in my Wife’s Kindergarten class (she’s a teacher you sick fucks!) that have bigger breasts than her! Granted they are little fat fucks but that’s a different rant. These girls now days look like women when they are 14. The problem is, from my experience, that their brains don’t usually catch up to their bodies until they are into their mid twenties. Now that is a fucked up situation. A lot of bad things can happen with chicks in that 10year window. It’s like giving a toddler a loaded gun and expecting them to learn how to use it. The worst part is that so many parents let their daughters dress like fucking hookers when they are in junior high. They start pimping the ho life on the little ones in kindergarten by giving them those stupid little bratz toys. “Here sweetheart, you see this little fucking hooker toy? See how you can see the dolls cooter because her skirt is too short? See how her eye shadow goes from the top of her eyelids to the top of her forehead? Wow, those big plastic titties are barely staying in her shirt! I think this is a good role model for you.” I’m seriously surprised that they don’t have a little pull cord that says, “I’ve got a mouth, an asshole, a vagina, two ears, a couple nostrils and two fists…. Stick it anywhere you want!!!”

Where was I? So I’m creeping away and trying not to get busted doing so by my Wife. There is one particular girl bouncing around (definitely an acceptable 18+) who apparently feels it is too much of a hassle to tie her top up tight. Damn titties keep popping and she just keeps casually putting them in the holster. Like a fucking jack in the box, I kept anticipating when the next peek-a-boo would happen. Great stuff. Those things were spring loaded. I think her creepdar was going off hard because she looked at me in disgust and then had her friend tie up the straps and alas, the show was over. Fuck my skills are fading fast with age.

At this point my daughter is off playing in the kiddie pool with her friend and my buddy’s wife. I decide to go to the hot tub area with my wife. We are sitting down and I tell her the story of this girl and her rogue boobs. I tell her that I almost sprang a chub in the water slide line. Fuck that would have been embarrassing…. Mr. Creep here standing in line with a bunch of kids, sporting a bone. “Uh, excuse me sir, we are going to have to ask you to leave. The authorities have been contacted you sick fuck!”

My wife who is as good a sport as you will ever find and I might add is fucking HOT! Decides to make my life hell by giving me the “fuck me eyes” and reaches over, brushes her tits in my face and grabs my dick. Making it look quite casual (we were away from the crowd I will add.) She then says, “HAHA now you can’t get out of the pool,” and then gets up and walks away. Leaving me with what I can only describe as a dick that was VERY ready to play. God damn woman!

So what do we do when we are trying to hide an inconvenient erocktion? We tuck that bad boy up into the belt or waste band. I’m sitting alone in the hot tub and its pretty much time to go home but I’m still sportin’. So like I’ve done a thousand times in school, I tuck her up in the band, puff out the shorts a little for the baggy look and make my way over to the group. In a short time I can feel that the blood flow has subsided and the tension is gone. I’m standing there talking to my buddy who is with his family and he kind of has a fucked up look on his face. My wife walks over with a big smile on her face and then suddenly it turns to absolute disgust. “What the fuck?” I ask…. She motions down to my pleasure region and my eyes follow hers….

There, to my dismay I see what looks like a midget who has been hanging in the gallows for a few minutes. My fucking knob was stuck there losing circulation with the noose around its neck, desperate to get back into my shorts. Fuck what a weird looking sight. How do you explain that? I try laughing it off and my buddy claims he didn’t notice but I know he did. My Wife is completely put off but fuck her! It’s her goddamn fault.

I pass along this tale as a reminder to you gentlemen. The tuck is a tried and proven method of boner camouflage but please be careful. I thought I had the bases covered but sometimes a slip up will happen. Learn from my mistakes.

Fuck I feel like a dirty old man now. Stay tuned for more horror stories about growing old.


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