Saturday, October 10, 2009


Where the fuck is jeanshorts? Does he not know the mighty Oil are dropping the puck in 15 minutes? Not to worry, Rusty's here. I'm sitting at my mighty computer to seduce you online to join me in spewing my opinion on the game tonight, as it goes down.

Drop the fucking puck, the Oil are ready to stomp some ass.


The last time these 2 teams met in the pre-season, the Flames defence walked all over the Oil. Tonight, however, this game actually means something. It will be interesting to see whether the break between the end of pre-season games and game 1 of the regular season will pay off. The new system will get its chance to shine, and we'll be one step closer to knowing whether it was Mac-T that cost us last season. We'll be one step closer to knowing if the Bulin' Wall will be an upgrade on Roloson. We'll have another reason to consume ridiculous amounts of hootch.
It's about damn time.

Who am I watching tonight?

There's a lot of people that intrigue me coming into this season. If I have to pick one person tonight, I'll go with Patrick O'Sullivan. Will he mesh with Comrie and show that we do in fact have a solid 2nd line? I think Sully will be all over the ice tonight, and will be a big reason the Oilers start the year 1-0.

Rusty Says: Oilers 3 Flames 2

For all the bitching we've done this summer, it's here. It's finally October... The puck will finally drop for real.

PAT FUCKING QUINN will be gracing the Oilers bench.


I've been hearing about the big intro all week, so I tuned in a few minutes ago to watch the spectacle online. How was it? Not what I expected.

Chicks spinning around in the air on bedsheets, old black men singing some form of Oilers fight-song. Chicks playing fiddles in mid-air while being strapped from the roof. What the fuck did that have to do with hockey? Still, that was a unique way to kick-off the year.

You know a better way to kick off the year?

A win.


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